Sister Wish

My story starts with a wish for a sister. In that moment, I found out I had two. You can read about that here in one of my first posts: Being Told I Was Adopted.
My craving for my sisters weaves throughout my history. I love my sisters with all of my heart and named this site in their honor. I celebrate each one of them for the individuals they are. Funny, creative, insightful and resilient are just a few of the adjectives I would use to describe them.

To my sisters, I love you.

One thought on “Sister Wish

  1. Susan

    I am an adoptive mother who just found your blog. I have a perspective about the subject of adoption that is different from any other adoptive mother’s. Each of our journey’s are different, of course. I have adopted several children (12 in all) and have experienced many different emotions, types of guilt, and satisfaction. Life is complicated, as you know, and often things don’t go as we hoped or dreamed. I have made many mistakes but I believe we can all learn from each other. My personal opinion is that the BONDING BETWEEN THE ADOPTEE AND ADOPTIVE PARENTS MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE PERCEPTIONS ON ADOPTION FOR BOTH. I have had beautiful experiences/bonds and difficult ones. Some of my difficult ones have turned around to become scarred but VERY GOOD! Several of my children are now adults and all of them happened to be transracial adoptions. Thank you for sharing your blog. I found it interesting and helpful.


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