Open Adoption Adoptee Group

A group of adoptees from open adoption have recently started an online support group on Facebook.

Open Adoption Adoptee Group Description

From the Facebook group description: “Open Adoption Adoptees is an ADOPTEE ONLY group. It is a closed group for adopted people who were raised in an open adoption (OA). This means that you (the adoptee) had contact via phone calls, letters and/or visitation with your biological parent(s) prior to your 18th birthday. TO BE ADDED TO THIS GROUP, PLEASE RESPOND TO THE MESSAGE YOU RECEIVE FROM KAT after requesting to join the group (may be in your ‘other’ folder).

While many people believe that open adoption is “better,” adoptees from open adoption have had to navigate extremely complicated relationships and for many OA adoptees, this began at an early age. The intention of this group is to serve OA adoptees. We want to let each other know that we aren’t alone, there are others who understand the added complexity from OA and that we can offer each other support. We strive to maintain a supportive environment that allows each adoptee to be heard.
Please read the pinned post once you have been added before commenting.
Once again, this group is ONLY for Adoptees raised in open adoption. Biological parents, adoptive parents and/or curious people will NOT be added. There are NO exceptions.”

Link to the Facebook group: Open Adoption Adoptees

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