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What Is a Crisis Pregnancy?

Kimberly Rossler is a name that we can now add to a list of many names of women taken advantage of during a time of vulnerability. I include my own natural mother in that list of names. So often, as was the case of Kimberly and my mom, women become pregnant and in moments of susceptibility, they are preyed upon by those who will take advantage of the situation.

Who Is Kimberly Rossler?

Kimberly’s story has gained a lot of media attention over the last week. During her pregnancy, it appears that Kimberly contacted what she thought was an adoption agency called Adoption Rocks. That call actually placed Kimberly in touch with an adoption attorney named Donna Ames. Ames handles private infant adoptions. Ames met with Kimberly very quickly after that call and paired Kimberly with a woman, Kate Sharp, who wanted to adopt an infant. Soon afterwards, while still pregnant, Kimberly changed her mind about the adoption, but Sharp pursued the adoption and she was able to gain custody of Kimberly’s baby, Elliot three weeks after he was born. You can read more about the timeline and details of these events HERE, but please note, Kimberly was and is a loving and fit mother. She did NOT lose custody of him for any reason other than another woman wanted Elliot for herself.

What is Adoption Rocks?

In a released statement, Donna Ames, the attorney, who sits on the board of directors of Adoption Rocks, says that Adoption Rocks is not an adoption agency. In her words:

“Adoption Rocks is a non-profit organization which simply provides a venue (an office) where birth mothers who are experiencing a crisis pregnancy, can gain awareness of the adoption process and review profiles of families wishing to adopt.”

You can read her statement in full HERE.

While it isn’t quite clear what exactly Adoption Rocks is (aside from being a nonprofit), one thing is clear: If a woman lands on the Adoption Rocks website during a time when she is feeling vulnerable and/or is questioning her options, Adoption Rocks WILL escalate the situation to a full blown “crisis.”

When we label a situation as a crisis, how might a vulnerable person respond?

  • She may panic.
  • She may not think clearly.
  • She may feel pressured.
  • She may make critical decisions in haste.

Any of the above reactions are completely understandable with someone standing over her saying she is facing a “crisis.” In fact, Donna Ames uses the term twice in her statement.

It makes me wonder, what exactly qualifies one as being in a crisis pregnancy.

We can find the answer on the Adoption Rocks website where Donna Ames, the attorney handling the attempted adoption of Kimberly’s baby, sits on the Board of Directors.

“Adoption Rocks was founded by a group of civic leaders, adoptive parents, and professionals who each had a strong concern about babies being born to single mothers…”

“Adoption Rocks is also trying to educate the general public about adoption as an option for crisis pregnancies in the state of Alabama.”

You can read the full ‘About Us’ description on the Adoption Rocks website HERE.

Apparently, Donna Ames and a fellow group of people have decided that a single woman being pregnant is … you guessed it … a “crisis pregnancy.”
What is most interesting about that statement is that, Kate Sharp, the woman trying to adopt Kimberly’s baby is … you guessed it … a single woman.

So apparently, being a single woman to whom a child is born is a big no, no in the world of Adoption Rocks. However, being a single woman (with money) that wants to adopt a child is perfectly fine.

When Will Adoptive Parents Face a Crisis

I disagree with the statement that a single woman who is pregnant is in crisis. It’s the judgement of others and the man-made rules and morals that turn a pregnancy into a crisis.

The true “crisis in pregnancy” is being preyed upon while pregnant.
The crisis is the numerous names added to this list continues to grow each day.
The crisis is rampant lies, coercion and forcefully taking an infant from its loving mother’s arms to give to another.
The crisis is the number of natural mothers and fathers that must fight in the courts for their children due to predatory tactics.

And the actual crisis will be for the woman who has taken the infant from his loving, fit mother. It will be the day she must explain to child or young adult that is beginning to understand what was done to his mother. That woman will be in crisis when saying, “Your mother loved and wanted you, but I … I stood in the way.
Now THAT is a crisis.

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